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Ruru Global Recruitment Services Inc. (RGRSI) is an international recruitment agency duly recognized by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), which aims to help international employers fulfill their human resource requirements through the deployment of world-class Filipino workers.

We recognize the global challenges in the field of International Human Resources. Progressive countries experience labor shortage for skilled workers. There are also cases where international employers have difficulty in looking for reliable and trustworthy agents. Applicants and skilled workers on the other hand are sometimes victims of fraud and deceit by illegal recruiters.

The Philippines, through the years has become a potent source of labor force in the international arena. This phenomenon can be attributed not only because of the Filipino English speaking abilities but also to their quality education, excellent skills and professional work ethics.


Our primary mission is to seek for dependable international partners and Help them achieve their human resource requirements by providing them With Filipino Workers It is also our mission to help the aspirant Filipino workers improve their Lives through international job opportunities provided by our international Partners and employers


We want to see thousand of Filipino workers happily employed in various countries with their families improving their quality of life. We seek the satisfaction of our international principals with our excellentservices and forthright business practices. Our people and partners will find it easy to make us part of their extended family. This vision propels us to be a leading player in the industry of international Deployment.




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