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Ruru Global Recruitment Services Inc.

is an international recruitment agency duly recognized by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administrationn (POEA), which aims to help international Employers fulfill their human resource requirements through the deployment of world-class Filipino workers. RGRSI has deployed Overseas Filipino workers to different countries like Guam, Singapore, Marshall Islands, Pohnpei, Brunei, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Russia and Mozambique. RGRSI can serve any country as long as they have bilateral agreements to protect the Filipinos at their place.

RGRSI works with integrity, urgency and passion. Every Job Order is treated with importance. Every Employer is treated with respect and every Worker is treated with uprightness and genuine care. A close and warm working relationship is a trademark between the Employer, RGRSI and Filipino Overseas Worker. RGRSI belongs to one big family - caring for each other's needs and making sure each one is satisfied with the work of everyone involved. Read More




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