- About Us -

RURU Global Recruitment Services, Inc. (RGRSI) was incorporated as part of the expansion program of the AGS Holding Group. Its intention is to diversify into other businesses that only has a great impact in helping people find jobs but also has a substantial contribution to nation building. RGRSI prides itself to be a member of the AGS Group of Companies, a formidable business conglomerate with over 50 years of professional experience. The group over time has established successful ventures in various fields such as courier services, manufacturing, printing, financing, agriculture, realty and legal services.

Our primary mission is to seek for dependable international partners and help them achieve their human resource requirements by providing them with Filipino workers. It is also our mission to help the aspirant Filipino workers improve their lives through international job opportunities provided by our international partners and employers.

We want to see thousands of Filipino workers happily employed in various countries with their families improving their quality of life. We seek the satisfaction of our international principals with our excellent services and forthright business practices. Our people and partners will find it easy to make us part of their extended family. This vision propels us to be a leading player in the industry of international deployment.

COMPASSIONATE. Aspirants and applicants are treated with professionalism (everybody undergoing proper process) coupled with the most personalized rapport (handheld them to the process with care). We put emphasis on the welfare and well being of our people. At RGRSI, we adopt a "people first" mentality.

DYNAMIC. We are responsive to the changing demands of the global labor market. Our organizational efforts are turned to withstand ups and downs in the industries and markets where we deploy our human resources.

DIVERSE HUMAN RESOURCE POOL. Our recruitment, hiring and deployment processes enable us to comply with the demand of our international partners. In dealing with our Principals and Partners, we make sure that not only do we meet the demand of the human resources with excellence, but we also help them create reasonable revenue and cost structures.

REPUTABLE INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO. We inherit a 50-year tradition of business excellence and success from our parent company, AGS Holdings. We funnel our resources to meet the standards and demands of our international partners. We are mindful of the risks and returns in the global labor market enabling us to participate fully and substantially.

SEASONED BUSINESSMEN & PROFESSIONAL MANAGERS. The key people of RGRSI have good experiences in the field of international deployment and people management. We believe in upholding good moral values and upright professional ethics. We ensure transparency in terms of work condition, salaries, cost of application and status of worker's application.

- Chairman's Message -

Ruru Global Recruitment Services, Inc., since its organization in 2009 has had the satisfaction to help countless of Filipino families improve their stations in life by giving them the chance to seek and find better opportunities in the work force abroad.

Through all these years the company has always placed the best interest of the workers it send abroad by looking for them the best possible situation, such as, but not limited to, higher wages, healthy and safe conditions in the work place, and providing legal assistance in cases where their rights are abused and terms and conditions of job contracts are not followed or violated, among other things.

Ruru Global Recruitment Services, Inc. will maintain all these commitments to continue providing good job opportunities abroad to its applicant-workers, to afford them a better life for their families and a brighter future of their children.

To our clients, we pledge our continued efforts to serve you the best we possibly can as we have done in the past - to provide your needs with the best and productive workers we can gather. And more!

Our performance in the past speaks clearly of who we are and defines the kind of quality work we do for our clients.

In the coming years, it is our solemn commitment to do more and really make a difference.